About Me

Mimi Yeung

“Marketing is not just about how much you have spent but how to do it right and to make things happen” 

My journey started 20 years ago....

Passionate marketing professional with over 20-years combined experience in event business and all-rounded marketing in B2B trade exhibitions. 

Key driver in developing marketing and visitor promotion to international participants of Cosmoprof Asia, Asia’s largest B2B beauty event.  

Specialised in Project & Event Management; Experiential and omni-channel marketing; partnership development and brand marketing.

Holder of a Bachelor degree in Marketing Management at the University of Huddersfield, UK ; Professional Certificate in Digital and Social Media Marketing at the Hong Kong Polytechnic University Speed.

Serving the Industry

As the Vice President of the Cosmetic & Perfumery Association of HK since 2021. Also appointed as the President of the Exhibition and Special Events Committee. The Cosmetic & Perfumery Association of Hong Kong (CPAHK) established in 1980, as the 1st cosmetic chamber in Hong Kong. CPAHK member’s business categories across different segments, including beauty, hair, cosmetic, nail, retail, and wholesale. Members are ranging from world's top 500 corporations to small, medium-sized, and micro enterprises. Currently, CPAHK has 15 international corporate members; over 350 company members (in which 280 are retailers) and more than 5,000 individual members in Hong Kong.

How they see "Me"?

"We had the pleasure of working with Mimi for many years through our collaborations with Cosmoprof. She is a unique combination of strong strategic thinking and highly efficient operational skills, making all projects she handles smooth and highly impactful on the market.  On a personal level, working with Mimi makes it a pleasant experience for all involved. She is extremely dedicated to any project she undertakes and brings passion and efficacy."
Lan Vu

"My experience of working with Mimi Yeung was eye-opening.  We mainly worked together in exhibitions. Mimi has a keen eye for detail, and with her experience and networking, she organized successful events for stakeholders and exhibitors, which was no easy task. Mimi is calm and always prepares a backup solution, implementing the best practices and demonstrating efficiency. Mimi drove operational excellence with the event teams, and every year we would find new ways to upgrade. We enjoyed working with Mimi."

Eva Tsang
Ex-Assistant Vice President Executive Director | Opal Cosmetics Group Limited

"Mimi Yeung is a stellar all-around marketer with extensive experience in B2B, digital, and event marketing.  I collaborated with Mimi for many years while she led the marketing strategy for Cosmoprof Asia and where she launched several successful experientials an omni-channel marketing campaign.  Mimi’s breadth of knowledge and wonderful collaborative style is an asset in-and-of itself. "

Ben Veechai
Founder BVM Consulting | Managing Director SEA | jwc GmBH ; ex-VP Marketing & Corporate Communications | Informa Markets - Asia 

"Mimi is the right executive to design and implement marketing strategies in line with the business. She drives digital transformation, customer insight analytics, as well as content strategy that, are able to generate quality leads and revenue. Thanks to her leadership, we created a multi-cultural team and organized several physical and digital events across Asia."
Mattia Miglio
Director of North America Business Development | Alibaba.com

Special thanks

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